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Jiaozuo Zhongwei Special Products Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,is a well-know and active PVP manufacturer in China with 6500mt/a capacity,who is focused on the PVP(Polyvinylpyrrolidone) R&D,manufacturing,marketing and service.The company is an ISO9001:2000 certified company,with CEP certifications of our pharmaceutical grade Povidone K17,Povidone K30,Povidone K90 and Crospovidone, Drug-production Enterprise Licence and Kosher Certificates. Our product lines span a broad range of PVP polymers,with this wide variety,the polymers can meet the needs of multiple industries and appilications.Most of our products are widely used in Pharmaceuticals,Cosmetics/Personal Care,Household,Beer/Wine/Beverage,adhesives,textile auxiliary,coatings,ink jet and other Hi-Tech industries. We are adopting to state-of- the-art polymerization technology in our process and morden management system.Main of our products including PVP Homopolymers range from K15 to K90,VP/VA compolymers,Croslinked PVP(Crospovidone,PVPP),Povidone Iodine(PVP-I),N-Vinylpyrrolidone(NVP),2-Pyrrolidone(2P) and other chemical products.

Zhongwei Special Products Pharmaceutical is your reliable source for high quality PVP poymers. We provide lot-to-lot traceability, responsive service, and comprehensive after-salesl support. We demonstrate flexibility and dependability every day,delivering products and service based on our customers need.

Main for our products are being exported to European Market,N/S America,South East Asir,Middle east and other worldwide markets,a globle marketing network is being complete

We look forward to working with you!

Contact Us

Jiaozuo Zhongwei Special Products Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Add:No.115,Xinyuan-Dong Road,Wen Town,Jiaozuo,Henan,454800,China
E-mail: sales@zw-pvp.com
International Business:
E-mail: sales@zw-pvp.com

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